A young woman. A calculated act. The close knit bond of extraordinary women leading ordinary lives. True is a stunning tale, which beautifully weaves these dynamic characters and their pristine wild environment, their families and the animals they love, into what undoubtedly becomes a story one will never forget. “A lesson in healing, strength and courage, and above all, the magnificence of true friendship."

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring 2012

Spring 2012

            Spring in the mountains- frost in the mornings and night, but yellow budded ears on the lilacs, apples nubbed with future summer fruit the season of hope and promise the relief of lightness- less fires to build, less clothes and shoes and hats and gloves to wear and less dark days… More moisture needed but the first daffodils bloomed in the orchard and the horse’s winter coats are beak-flown and woven into nests. 
            True the novel has traveled through its first winter and was received with positive comments and a unanimous request for a sequel- something I had not intended as I began a new story titled Hold Fast.  But after 50 or so requests I let my overactive imagination go to five years later in the Green Valley.  I had grieved so when I finished True already missing the women and their flawed and beautiful selves.  So- I have begun the sequel tentatively titled Free.  Lani and I are busy finding every arsenal to promote True believing our vast so-called limitations are really assets and a good story will find its way out there.  There are thirteen 5 star reviews on Amazon and I’ll be hitting the road in May to tour bookstores and libraries in northern California and along the coast.  If you think your community might enjoy a reading and book signing with a bonus presentation on our three sets of wisdom cards for women, please let us know at info@wisewomenink.com.  It seems there are 1-2 million writers independently publishing their own work these days. 
            My question in these times of transition as the old NY publishing model fades and the Indie and e-books surge forward is- where are the open-minded, trusting writer’s agents ready to help launch a new era in literature and publishing?  Where are the publishing houses willing to take on a clean well written copyedited completely finished independently printed book to market as their own?  Shall we unite so that people who already have a platform and are willing to promote themselves can find camaraderie and networking opportunities in the Indie world of books?  I am frustrated by literary agents limited query requests- one chapter, a first page, a letter or email, no unsolicited manuscripts and never a mention of a completed novel that only needs a publishers stamp of approval.  Perhaps the key is to completely circumvent the old way as has genre writer Amanda Hocking who has made millions independently publishing on Amazon and kindle.  Visit http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/jan/12/amanda-hocking-self-publishing%20Stories  Stories have the power to heal us and the world.have the power to heal us and the world.  Where are the visionary editors agents, and publishers, willing to take on new (or old) writers with a finished product and a worthwhile tale?  One to two million Indie writers hmm, there are bound to be some jewels don’t you agree?  Just as they say the most enlightened people are usually hidden away out of the public eye, sadly some of the best stories will never be read.  Wise Women Ink is willing to be the change we want to see and soon will be empowering more writers to “do it themselves”.  With agents, publishers, publicists, bookstore owners, and freethinking supporters, opening to a new way to put writers out there, the world of literature would become so much richer, diverse, and free of the 1% syndrome.  NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT SOMEONE WILL DEFINITELY CREATE ABUNDANCE SCOUTING AND SHOWCASING CREATIVE, INTEGRITY-MOTIVATED, INDEPENDENTLY FINISHED PRODUCTS.  Your thoughts, comments, and stories are always welcome.
-Melinda Field

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