A young woman. A calculated act. The close knit bond of extraordinary women leading ordinary lives. True is a stunning tale, which beautifully weaves these dynamic characters and their pristine wild environment, their families and the animals they love, into what undoubtedly becomes a story one will never forget. “A lesson in healing, strength and courage, and above all, the magnificence of true friendship."

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter 2013

A clean fresh start, the year begins as several feet of pearly snow covers Star Apple Farm and the mountains beyond.  Cold but invigorating, I am busy keeping folks and animals fed.  In my writing life I have many goals for the new year.  My dreams in the imaginal realms include an agent, publisher, audio book, book trailer, movie producer, and more great reviews...

In late December I was gifted with an amazing review from IndieReader.com (see True by Melinda Field).  Indie Reader is perhaps the most supportive, informative, and elegant site for independent readers and writers.  I can't wait to put my "Indie Reader Approved" stickers on my books...

I have new 5 star reviews on Amazon...We Indie's are spreading  our words and wings and the evolving publishing model is taking notice.  As much as we love to hold books in our hands, smell their musty, acrid pages and fall asleep with their sweet weight on our chests, the E-Book will really come of age in 2013.  Mark Coker, creator of Smashwords has an excellent article predicting trends for the new year (www.huffingtonpost.com/mark-coker/2013).

I just finished Barbara Kingsolver's  latest Flight Behavior.  She really took on a huge agenda in this story which includes, culture wars, education, and global warming.  Her quirky main character, Dellarobbia Turnbow will be a favorite.  To see a wonderful live interview with the author go to goodreads.com and look for "live with Kingsolver video."

I am working away on the sequel to True.  It is five years later in the Green Valley.  All the characters have written me detailed letters letting me know their hopes, dreams, sorrows, and lessons in the next book.  Although it feels great to be with them again, I'm still working on another novel called Hold Fast.

Oh there is not enough hours in the day to care take, promote, write, and dream...I'll be touring in Texas in March and San Francisco in May.  I love that spoken word and meeting interesting and wonderful people.  It's always good to come down off of the mountain and travel beyond the pine curtain now and then. I will leave you with a poem from my Chapbook titled Leafbite.

Snow Chant
Clean as the breath blown shell
a mantle of quiet hovers, then
breaks through the sky.

 Nurturer of suspended life
frogs doze deep in mud, she-bear
waits for birth of cubs.

Let the crystal captive air slow
the heat and cold, shield the 
dormant plants and sleeping creatures below.

Oh bringer of beauty, 
white skinned sculptures bloom!
Woman of waters, 

Purify all!
the crooks and hollows wait
for flakes to thicken and fall...

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